A Night With Shah - شبی با شاه

Hatred Towards Goths, Art & Culture

Goths have a history of getting beaten up around the world, this incident occured when I was arrested after asking a police officer for help regarding the theft of my coat and car keys and other accessories. At the time I was quite intoxicated and asked for help by flagging a police car, which pulled over and threw me in the back of the car and arrested me, after spending some time in a cell I realized I had done nothing wrong and started asking why I was arrested at which point no one would answer or give me a reason. I started pounding on the door and called them all pigs because I was intoxicated with alchohol and had originaly asked for help but instead got arrested and beaten up by 4 or 5 police officers in army boots.

In the event when someone is intoxicated you would think police officers would have the appropiate training on how to handle these situations. I am by no means excusing my behaviour but this kind of police brutality and heavy handed response is definitely shocking to say the least, following this incident, a number of suspicious events also occured which resulted in me filing a case with the UNHRC as mentioned below. This is how artists are treated in the United States of America and how I felt at the time. Luckily I was not killed! Thank God! I have since forgiven the SFPD for these incidents.

Letter to Various Heads of State:

To whom it may concern,

Hope all is well, I thought I would introduce myself and my body of work as well as let you know about some recent extremely unfortunate events of which by I am writing this letter. After the recent traumatic events that have transpired over the last couple of years and specifically over the last couple months, I have decided to write this email.

Just recently my car was confiscated and again a of couple weeks later, I was thrown in jail and actually physically assaulted, stripped completely naked and then thrown into a solitary confinement cell, all the while humiliated in the most degrading way.

I also have suspicions that my family’s safety both emotionally and physically might be at serious risk and I also do not feel completely safe staying here in the United States…

The physical damages and medical bills associated with that recent event have resulted in over $18,500 in medical bills along with a plethora of evidence and photos of which I have collected in order to pursue my legal right to live safely in this country and also get compensation & an answer regarding these actions, regardless of how these actual events may have transpired…

I am hoping to bring to your attention the fact that I may have originally left Iran specifically in order to avoid this kind of treatment and be able to make free art, culture and music as an independent musician free of any state sponsored terrorist actions (either domestic or international) as well as in order to be able to pursue my artistic freedom & integrity free from fear in a decent civilized society.

The sick and fascist way these events transpired are truly dumbfounding and stunning to say the least… 2 days prior to a show I dubbed “A night with the Shah”, my costume (“A King outfit”) was stolen from me, of which I was then (“Upon asking for assistance by the SF PD”) thrown into jail, severely beaten by 6, 7 police officers and then stripped completely naked, dragged by my underwear (“Wedgie Style”) of which was later taken off of me while I sat naked in a solitary confinement cell…

I would also like to stress I did not put up the least bit of physical resistance at all and there is no way that in any possible way any action would warrant this kind of overwhelming response.

I have very strong reasons to believe these actions were specifically and deliberately put together to coincide with my show and another show that was apparently staged on the very day of my performance at the United Nations when the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran made a special appearance and gave a speech at the United Nations general assembly on the very evening of my event titled: “A night with the Shah”

Please note: I am not the SHAH of Iran to be toppled and\or treated in this disgraceful manner, I have spent over 25 years pursuing what I consider a very serious career of Persian classical music, of which unfortunately my style has almost completely been neglected over the years, I come from a highly artistic & distinguished family of nobility & can NOT accept in any possible shape, manner, form or way this kind of treatment.

I am writing to demand an answer & investigation regarding various psy-ops & actual physical assaults onto my civil rights as a free citizen of the United States and Persian master musician living here in the United States of America.

These incident reeks of coordinated politically based charges by various government institutions and assaults onto my artistic & personal life in such a way that has actually resulted in near death experiences. The way that these incidents may have been coordinated between the governments of the United States & Iran are beyond my most wildest imagination?!?!

Also please do note that I am a performing arts musician that is currently in the process of booking the upcoming year & world-wide tour at fine institutions such as the Royal Albert Hall (UK), Carnegie Hall (NYC), Teatro Colon (Buenos Aires) etc. I am including my biography below as well in order for you to understand who I am and what it is that I do which makes my music, art unique in the art scene of the United States of America…

Please respond as soon as possible regarding certain actions that your organization will be taking as a result of this email being sent your way.

If you are unable to assist me with my protection, I understand, please do let me know and I will just take it as something along these lines & will try to make all the necessary arrangements to be transported offshore to hopefully a safer country able to harbor & foster a safe and loving artistic environment for me to work in…

Please Note: This email is being sent to the National Endowment for the Arts, ACLU, Supreme Court & Justice Department of the United States, The White House, #10 Downing Street, as well as various International news organizations.

Shirzad Sharif
PERSIAN STARR (Som’ma, Dubistan, Shah)

Letter to UNHCR:

Dear Sir,

The Inspector General's Office (IGO) in UNHCR Geneva has received your email concerning your protection/assistance related concerns.

Your complaint has been registered under reference number COM-13-1183. We will refer your message to the appropriate colleagues.

Please be advised, however, that the IGO cannot intervene directly to expedite or influence the processing of assistance/solutions requests by persons in asylum countries.

Please contact the UNHCR local office closest to where you are located (see attached contact details).

Thank you


Thank you for opening the case, all I needed to make sure is that political events & confrontations at the United Nations doesn't somehow spill into Artistic events ending in disastrous life changing consequences for musicians, artists, etc. specially here in the United States, appreciate your understanding...



Diya (Arabic: دية‎; plural diyāt, Arabic: ديات‎) in Islamic law, is the financial compensation paid to the victim or heirs of a victim in the cases of murder, bodily harm or property damage. It is an alternative punishment to qisas (equal retaliation). In Arabic, the word means both blood money and ransom, and it is spelled sometimes as diyah or diyeh.

THE DIYA FOR THE ABOVE IS $20 Million US Dollars to be paid at the appropiate time.