Sensual Persian Art & Music

Sensual Art is one of the highest forms of art ever created, it embodies one of the most sacred elements of humans; Sexuality. Communion between Males and Femals, Lover & The Beloved and the very essence of LOVE.

In order to understand sensuality, you must feel sensual, embody sexuality and also produce and introduce that feeling and emotion in your art and music.

For example upon close recreation and reproduction of the dance rhythyms of Iran, I noticed even though the beats were dance beats; i.e. 6\8 the music was not feeling sensual and sexy, upon further studies, research and practice of sexual & sensual arts, I noticed that you must feel this, use this and play sexually for the music to really embody these emotions.

Through-Out the history of the World and it's various cultures, Sexual Art has always had a very special place and is considered to be one of the most important branches of any art or music of a given culture. It represents UNION and is one of the most diffucult to master.

In Iran we also have a rich history of erotic, sensual and sexual art. Often depicted in Erotic Persian Paintings & Illuminated Manuscripts found and collected around the world.

Persian dance and music is also very sensual and sexual in nature and we should try to embody the element of LOVE in whatever it is we do!

In fact, Persian Dance and Sensual Art represent the very essence of Islamic Paradise, the Promise & Granting of Houris, Fairies and Maidens to the Muslim Believers and the promise and fulfillment of "Sexual Pleasures Delights" for those who do good, manifested and gifted to Muslims both in this world and the hereafter. Sexy Persian Dance depicts and displays this very essence at the core of it’s creation.