Letter to the Future

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The Shirzad Sharif's Imperial Website Terms of Use ("Terms of Use"):

This is to make clear that the contents of this personal family website reflect the artistic aims and objectives of Shirzad Sharif and are consistent with his family, personal, buisness and artistic mandate & beliefs.

The following website is strictly confidential. Please note the contents of this website are the exclusive intellectual property & culmination of Shirzad Sharif's lifelong endeavours & artistic hard work. Please do not disclose the contents of this website with anyone.

This website is very personal, artistic, historical and social in context. It was derived and compiled to pass on family knowledge to future generations of the Sharif family and as such will be utilized in a private environment that will reside onsite at the Sharif residence sometime in the future.

With the help of God Almighty using this knowledge you may build a financial fortune, build a loving home, build a dedicated army of friends that do good in the world, Insha'Allah have good colleagues & workers, build a victorious financial family owned empire to better serve God by serving humanity and architect a better future for you, your family and the whole entire world. For this is where true Glory resides! Family must always come first! This is the circle of Trust!

Know that God Willing in the face of adversity it is this knowledge that will guide and protect you from all harm. Insha'Allah!

This knowledge is ancient wisdom.

Never flinch or be worried when facing your adversaries but rather look at them and into their darkness with your head held up high with unparalleled bravery & complete and total certainty of knowing that victory is yours and that with the Grace of God you will be victorious due to the righteous deeds you have performed throughout the course of your Life. Do good and good will come back to you when you need it the most!

تو نیکی می کن و در دجله انداز که ایزد در بیابانت دهد باز

It is with complete trust and total belief in the Lord Almighty that we move forward, not looking to past mistakes which are inevitable but instead look forward to a better future, for there are no mistakes! Allah (swt) knows best and is the best protector (Al-Hafiz) of all, within and without, including your success & failures and the secrets, wisdom & the very knowledge you carry within. Insha'Allah!

خدای گر به حکمت ببَندَد دَری بگشاید به فَضل و کَرَم در دیگری

As Sadi the famous Persian poet said: If Allah (swt) were to close one door for you, another door of blessings will open for you by his grace and mercy which will put you on the right course.

The information and content on this personal family website has not been intentionally made publicly available. Knowledge of this sort is acquired only by partaking on the blessed journey of the sacred path ("طی طریقت") and know that this information and knowledge may not be applicable to other people. For there are as many as Rays of the Sun Paths to the Almighty!

Live every moment as it is your last and Go with God ("فی امان الله").

The content & knowledge contained herein should never be used publicly for personal financial gain, it may only be used to accumilate wealth in order to help people, this is because the more wealthy you become the more you can help others that are less fortunate.

The information and knowledge made available here was acquired through hard work, studying and worldwide travel. It may be discussed publicly and taught free of charge to those in need of this wisdom and knowledge however public access to this website is not permitted.

This websites intended use is to function as the future Sharif family portal. We are hoping this website will pass on from generation to generation in order to preserve the Sharif family legacy & lineage.

All efforts should be made to keep this information up to date, add to this knowledge and keep the contents safe from destruction and the perils of time & the ages using state of the art technology that may exist in the future. This would be a well done and very blessed endeavour.

For publicly made available content, art and music please visit Shirzad Sharif's public website here: www.shirzadsharif.ir, all effort should be made to produce and make available public art and music as much as possible, such is the nature of Royalty, for all they do is produce art in it's most elaborate manner.

Shirzad Sharif or all other mentioned families are not associated or affiliated in any way to any political organization, individual, group or social causes.

Thank You for Your Attention to this matter!

خداوند نگهدار شما باشد، انشاالله
May Allah (swt) Protect You & Bless You!

Written on this Wednesday, 12/30/2020
Last Day of the year 2020, 10th of Dey 1399
نوشته شده در این چهارشنبه ۱۰ دی ۱۳۹۹ شمسی جلالی در آخرین روز سال 2020 میلادی

Many Blessings!
Shirzad Sharif

آمین یا رب العالمین
والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته