Below are some of the more interesting imperial families of the world, although they are described somewhat in a pessimistic and cynical view and light, the purpose is to understand what we could deal with at various times through-out history. It is not meant to belittle the aforementioned cultures as many of those cultures are extremely beautiful, but rather instead geared towards describing the worst baseline so we would know at the right time what we might be dealing with. We should always learn the best from all cultures of the world and ignore the bad! Wishing all future generations the best!

Ancient & Modern World Civilisations!

Assyria and Babylon

The Holy See and Holy Roman Empire!

The Holy & Royal Bloodline of Prophet Jesus Christ (pbuh)

The All Conquering Lion of Judah - Rastafari & Emperor Haile Selassie I

Hindustan and Incredible India!

What to know about the British Empire

Le Republique Francais - The French Republic

Imperial Japan and the Land of the Rising Sun

Imperial China & The Forbidden Knowledge

The Ottomons & The Turkish Sultanate

The Kadjar (Qajar) Family

The Roman Empire, The United States of America and Great American Values!

American Might and The Mighty 8th!

Lions Clubs International (LCI) - We Serve!

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), The Republic and The Greek Royal Family!