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Shirzad Sharif by birth descends from a long successive lineage of Persian Imperial Royalty and as such holds the Imperial title of Prince Imperial of Persia, Prince Imperial of the United States of America and Prince Imperial of All of Egypt (SA-RA).

He was born to Iranian \ American parents and was raised in a highly privileged acclaimed musical family in Iran which has nurtured the likes of the Tar ("Persian Lute") Grand Master Ostad Farhang Sharif.

Shirzad was exposed to the intricacies of Persian classical music since early childhood and was fortunate to have studied the Tonbak drum under the supervision of Tonbak Grand Master Ostad Bahman Rajabi in Iran & Middle Eastern Percussion & Egyptian Cabaret Style Riqq & Darabuka with Grand Master Ostad Mary Ellen Donald in the United States of America.

Shirzad Sharif's wife Shahla Sharif also performs Middle Eastern Raqs Sharqi Bellydance.

Shirzad has his own unique style which he learned from his grandmother and performs one of the oldest and most authentic styles of Persian drumming which was almost extinct & was strictly within the domain of the Qajar imperial court musicians of Persia.

He is largely responsible for restoring and preserving what is known as the Persian music & dance style rhythms. An extremely elaborate art form & body of rhythms, dances & techniques largely ignored over time which is considered a major contribution to art of Tonbak.

He also has proficiency in Persian Court Music, Persian & Egyptian Raqs Sharqi, Persian Dance Music, Persian Authentic Music, Persian Classical Music, Persian Folkloric Music, Persian Mystical Islamic Music, Persian Martial Arts and Battle Rhythms, and is the creator of an Islamic Imperial Epic & Mythical School of Persian Drumming, Dance & Art.

Shirzad is very adept at playing the Egyptian Raqs Sharqi style of Tambourine ("الرق").

Sharif Family:

The Sharif Family Ancestry (بزرگ خاندان شریف)

The Durazo Family Ancestry (بزرگ خاندان دورازو)

Shirzad Sharif - Prince of Persia (شاهزاده ایران زمین)

Shahla Sharif - Princess of Persia (شاهزاده خانم ایران زمین)

Arman Sharif - Prince of Persia (شاهزاده ایران زمین)

Sharif Family Musical Legacy:

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Musical Projects Information:

Middle Eastern Zarb & Tarab (Percussion) Compositions

Amir Ehsan Aghaie (Tar) & Shirzad Sharif (Zarb) - Persian Authentic Music

Alan Kushan (Customized Santur) & Shirzad Sharif (Zarb)

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Get to know & listen to Other Musicians and World Music

Get to know & listen to Persian Fusion Jazz (Allstar Lineup)

Get to know & listen to Persian Fusion Electronica (Som'ma)

Get to know & listen to Persian Sufi Music and Sufi Mystical Concepts

Persian & Middle Eastern Gothic Art & Music (Darkside)

Awards and Honors:

Top Awards and Highest Honors

Imperial Raqs Sharqi Mystical Concepts:

Iran - The Empire of the Sun

Royal Duties and Daily Routine

The Imperial Harem

The Sacred Tantric Ways

The Ancient Magi Ways - آیین دیرینه مغان

The Pharaohic Lifestyle - زندگی به سبک فرعونها

The Ancient Mobedan Ways - آیین دیرینه موبدان

The Ten Commandments - ده فرمان

Historical Persian Martial Arts - ورزش های ایران باستان

Royal Armoury of Shirzad Sharif

Assyria and Babylon

Ancient Persian Art - هنر ایران باستان

Ancient & Modern World Civilisations!

Islamic Beauty - زیبایی اسلامی

Turbans - دستار و عمامه

How to Perform Music

The Griffin with Sword - شیردال با شمشیر

Secret Islamic rituals (Wazaif), prayers (Dua), practices (Amaliyat) & Talismans (Telesm)

The Miraculous Power of Holy Water

The Egyptian Book of the Dead

Passing On \ The Hereafter \ Afterlife \ The Rapture \ آخرت

Being Immortal and Paying Alms (Zakat)

Apocalypse \ آخرالزمان

Luxury Lifestyle \ زندگی لاکچری

Agrabah \ عقربه

Kingdom of Corona & Coronavirus \ ویروس و سرزمین کرونا

The Together Family

Centers of Learning and Sciences in the Muslim World!

The Sharif Family Royal Library

The Kadjar (Qajar) Family

Tattoos and Royalty: An Ancient Colourful Tradition

Royal Portraits Throughout History

Middle Eastern Music & Culture:

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Zills \ سنچ

The Middle Eastern Tambourine \ Riqq \ الرق

The Tanbur Instrument / سازهای زهی

The Tonbak Instrument \ Zarb \ تنبک

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Read All About Middle Eastern Raqs Sharqi, Persian & Oriental Dance & Bellydancing!

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