(Je Ne Sais Pas Me Maquiller)



Although a Republique, France has an Imperial tradition with Old School Imperialist Agendas and History.

At its apex, the Second French colonial empire was one of the largest empires in history. Including metropolitan France, the total amount of land under French sovereignty reached 11,500,000 km2 (4,400,000 sq mi) in 1920, with a population of 110 million people in 1936.

A hallmark of the French colonial projects in the late 19th century and early 20th century was the civilising mission (mission civilisatrice), the principle that it was Europe's duty to bring civilisation to benighted peoples. As such, colonial officials undertook a policy of Franco-Europeanisation in French colonies.

The French contrary to the British, although similiar in nature tend to mingle with the locals, admire them, flatter them and then colonize them. Such is the nature of Old World French Imperialism. The French could be quite stuck up and arrogant, however I think their heaven is when they are not arrogant.

A major goal was the Mission civilisatrice or "The Civilizing Mission". 'Civilizing' the populations of Africa through spreading language and religion, were used as justifications for many of the brutal practices that came with the French colonial project.

In 1884, the leading proponent of colonialism, Jules Ferry, declared; "The higher races have a right over the lower races, they have a duty to civilize the inferior races." Full citizenship rights – assimilation – were offered, although in reality "assimilation was always receding and the colonial populations treated like subjects not citizens."

France sent small numbers of settlers to its empire, with the notable exception of Algeria, where the French settlers took power while being a minority.

World War II was in its early days when brutal German dictator Adolf Hitler paid a visit to Paris, the capital of France. Only days before, on June 14, 1940, German soldiers had overrun the city, shocking the world. Hitler now viewed the city's cultural treasures as his own. He posed for a photo in front of the Eiffel Tower, the beloved symbol of France and the country's free, democratic people.

The photo, taken by his personal photographer, Heinrich Hoffmann, would show the world that Nazi Germany had triumphed over its bitter enemy. Many who viewed the photo in newspapers around the globe would draw a second conclusion that Germany would almost certainly invade Britain next. And if Britain fell, Hitler would be a huge step closer to his ultimate goal of world domination

Although many wars have broken out between various European powers, including the French-British-Germanic-Russian wars, in the end most are inter-related through European ancestry, culture and family blood and race.

The French much like the Italians which like to define luxury i.e. (Cars, Motorcycles, Shoes, etc.) in my opinion tend to think they are the only people who can define taste, class and exhibit sophistication. This although a stereo typing of France can be seen in thier distaste for anything Non-French.

It's a shame many people including Iranians do not take more pride in their own culture but rather like to imitate and be like the French. I really dont understand why we say Merci in Farsi instead of other Persian words and see this as unfortunate remenants of past French imperialist agendas pursued through-out Iranian history.



I say this because the French pride themselves in defining freedom and liberty for the world and think of themselves as the most democratic secular nation & people of the world... This is why they gifted the statue of liberty to the United States...

Many Persian Princes & Royalty have prided themselves in French Knowledge, Many Spoke French, Many Deeply Admired French Culture and Many Even Moved and Went to France... Pictured above is Ahmad Shah Qajar King of Persia living in Paris, France.

Some Iranians simply left and abandoned the country and never looked or came back.

At least some Iranians did come back...

however I know only one French word: SILANCE... in English this means Silence... I think when dealing with the French, it's probably better to just be Silent... They do have nice castles, palaces and chateaus though... Either way, I was kidding, I do know a couple of other words as well... Au revoir!