Prince Imperial of Persia

امیر - خاقان - پاشا - شاهزاده ایران زمین

والاحضرت همایونی - خان - میرزا - پرنس

Prince Imperial of Egypt

(OSIRIS of All of Egypt)
ازیرس کل مصر

Prince Imperial of USA

(OSIRIS of The Entire USA)
ازیرس کل آمریکا

Prince Imperial of Arabia

Amir & Sharif of Mecca and Hijaz
امیر و شریف عربستان و حجاز

Musician Name:

To Be Determined

Son of Shirzad Sharif, by virtue of being born into an Imperial family, Arman Sharif is addressed as His Imperial Highness.

Khagan or Qaghan (Old Turkic: 𐰴𐰍𐰣‎, romanized: Kaɣan, Mongolian: Xаан or ᠬᠠᠭᠠᠨ, romanized: Khaan, Ottoman Turkish: خواقين‎, romanized: Ḫākan, or خان Khān, Turkish: Kağan or Hakan, Uighur: قاغان, romanized: Qaghan) is a title of Imperial rank in the Turkic, Mongolic and some other languages, equal to the status of Emperor and someone who rules a Khaganate (empire). It may also be translated as "Khan of Khans", equivalent to King of Kings. The female equivalent is Khatun. Fath-Ali Shah Qajar held the titles of Shahanshah of Persia (Khaqan of Persia).

Every Prince or Princess has the potential to take on highest order of full sovereign duties (Emperor & Empress) if deemed necessary. This is the nature of Imperial monarchs. But of course the supreme sovereign is Allah (SWT).

You are my Sunshine, My Only Sunshine, You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Grey, You are my Sunshine, My Only Sunshine, Please Dont Take My Sunshine Away!

My Son Arman visiting Sa'ad Abad Palace...

My Son Arman visiting Niavaran Palace...

My son Arman visiting کاخ گلستان - Golestan Palace

Arman swordfighting, my biggest battles are with Arman!

Arman wearing the Naqshbandi Taj!

Arman's first beach experience!

Arman with his teddybear!

Arman with his girlfriend!

Arman heartbroken that Sammie is leaving to US!

Arman getting ready to go out!

Arman Painting!

Arman's Paintings!

Arman watching cartoons (Tutitu)!

Arman Drawing with Crayons!

King Arman!

Arman in Armor!

Arman's first Kiss!

King Arman Playing!

King Arman Working! (Kids should not be working, they should ONLY be playing!)

King Arman Watching Cartoons!

Arman Playing Zarb!

Arman Brushing His Teeth!

Arman's Cute Drawing!

Like Father Like Son! (Again!)

Arman Horse Game!

Arman riding Bicycle first time!

Arman Pandemic Lockdown!

King Arman riding around!

Three Generations Eating Lunch! ;)

Arman Swordsmanship!

King Arman Working! He literally told me that! :) Sooo cute!

Like Father Like Son! Sooo Cute!