Iranian Works of Art and Life

Iran will Only Improve by Iranian Hands And None Other

ایران به دست ایرانی آباد گردد و لاغیر

The Shah of Persia and R.F.C. (RFC - Royal Flying Corps.) officers inspect vintage bomber planes and WW1 fighter aircraft during 1914 state visit to England.

Pictured above are Persian Qajar Princes riding Bicycles brought from foreign travels ("سفر فرنگ") as souvenirs and also Persian Qajar Princes learning how to paint pictured below.

Shirzad Sharif's Way of Thinking

Works of Art in Iran are the most important element and aspect of everyday life, without Persian art we cannot breathe, live or do anything.

It is important to understand that we understand that for us Persians the only and most important work of art or anything we do would be ones that we create ourselves.

Iranians can only benefit from work done by Iranians.

Never will be able to benefit from anything any foreigners do for us.

It has become customary for Iranians to look to the west and\or east for inspirations and\or ways of living, knowledge and have through the passing of time adapted many elements and aspects of western and eastern thought and ways of life all to the determent of ourselves.

There is absolutely and totally NOTHING we would ever want or need from the west or east AT ALL. In fact even the above pictured national railway that was built by Reza Shah and German Engineering was eventually used during Iran's occupation during WW2 in order to send food to the Russians in order to fight the very Germans that built it.

In fact, Persian Art is the Most Perfect, Most Sublime and Most Intricate and Magnificent Works of Art of the World. The same applies to traditional, classical and authentic Persian thought, works of art and ways of life and living.

Many Persians have spent and devoted their entire lives to developing these philosophies, we should therefore look within, learn and understand our own findings before ever accepting or pursuing foreign schools of thought and philosophies which would throw us off track and deliberately put us on a wrong path to our own determent.

We must learn to appreciate everything we have accomplished, everything we have developed and built for ourselves in every possible way before every adapting to other foreign schools of thought, philosophies and ways of thinking, art and ways of living which will NEVER suit our needs or satisfy our souls.

May we be successful in our endeavors to excel in art, life and way of thinking and contribute to the world body instead of consume knowledge which does not apply to us!

One day we were even ordering Concord planes and now if we go to visit the Holy Shrines in Mashhad ("زیارت مشهد") this is what could happen, due to worldwide sanctions on Iran's aviation industry. This is what happens if you are not self sufficient. As we say in Farsi expression, "No one will scratch my back other than my own nails" which is "کس نخارد پشت من جز ناخن انگشت من".

Today Iran manufactures fighter jets as demonstrated in the below video, this is a source of great pride for Iran and Iranians.

For the meantime till we manufacture passanger planes, which Insha'Allah we will do as soon as possible, it's probably best to travel by train in order to go on a holy pilgrimage or visit other cities in Iran, we even have luxury trains now, which means it's funner than travelling by air, because it appears the airline industry isnt as glamorous as it used to be anymore, which is unfortunate.