The Eighth Air Force (Air Forces Strategic) (8 AF) is a numbered air force (NAF) of the United States Air Force's Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC). It is headquartered at Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana. The command serves as Air Forces Strategic – Global Strike, one of the air components of United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM).


The Mighty 8th are renowned for their perseverance, endurance, valor and bravery. Fighting in un-bearable conditions of heat, sweat, blood and toil. They kept fighting on regardless of the amount of damage they endured and got the job done. They were the Kings & Knights of the Skies Practicing The Ancient Art of War in the Skies!

The VIII Bomber Command launched its first raid in Northwestern Europe on 4 July 1942, when A-20 Bostons from the 15th Bombardment Squadron commanded by 26-year-old Captain Charles C. Kegelman attacked several airfields in Holland. The right propeller of his Douglas Boston was shot away by flak while over the target at De Koog. Further ground fire caused damage to his right wing, and the engine caught fire. Kegelman's aircraft lost altitude and even bounced off the ground. However, through superior airmanship, he brought his wounded bomber home and received the DSC (Distinguished Service Cross) from General Tooey Spaatz on 11 July. It was the first DSC earned by a member of the Eighth Air Force in World War II.

In Europe, Eighth Air Force was the first USAAF strategic air force, with a mission to support an invasion of continental Europe from England. Eighth Air Force carried out strategic daring daytime bombing operations in Western Europe & Germany from airfields in England.


Critics of the bombing have asserted that Dresden was a cultural landmark while downplaying its strategic significance, and claim that the attacks were indiscriminate area bombing and not proportionate to the military gains. Some have claimed that the raid constituted a war crime. Some, mostly in the German far-right, refer to the bombing as a mass murder, calling it "Dresden's Holocaust of bombs", the same can be said about the Nuclear Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


This page is dedicated to the United States Veterans and those who fought and died for our freedoms. Below are some pictures of their bravery. Some of the pinups are really nice too, since the Egyptians had their chariots, the Vikings had their ships and the Zulu warriors had their shields, man has been decorating his instruments of war. War art traditionally served as a protection from evil, to receive supernatural powers from the gods and give a noble identity to each warrior.


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